I have been speaking to a lot of membership site owners who are struggling with their launches and membership churn (retention). I found there are 3 common mistakes being made over and over again, unfortunately. These mistakes result in stress, low ROI, low ROE (return on effort), low membership numbers and high member churn.

The first mistake is not expanding your audience in between launches. After each launch you might be focused on your new members (that’s good) or you might be tired (oh no!), but you skip adding new people to your audience. So what will happen is your next launch date will sneak up on you or you may realize it’s been 3+ months since your last launch and now you NEED to launch.

The problem is you are now promoting your membership to the same people you did just a short while ago. Some said “yes” to your offer. Some said “not now” and some said “no”. You are now promoting your membership to that list of “not now” and the “no” audience. That’s a significant drop in the number of people who you launched to previously. This launch won’t be as successful as your last launch.

So what do we do? In between launches, and really every day, we need to be adding new people into our audiences. When we have new people join our audiences we have new people to join our offers. I have researched that cold audiences (people who haven’t heard of you before) and lukewarm audiences (people who just found out about you), join memberships. I’ve seen cold and lukewarm audiences account for 20-60% of membership sales. That’s pretty awesome and well worth your launch effort!

So the first solution is to have an audience growth plan to grow your email list, your followers, your Facebook Group etc. This plan can include ongoing promotion of your lead magnets or low cost paid lead magnets and it can include one time huge bursts of growth through specific audience growing events.

The second mistake is not launching past your first launch or not launching a few times a year! I found many membership owners launched their founding member’s launch and never launched again. I’m not making anyone wrong about this. Life happens and launching can be overwhelming.

I teach my clients to schedule their launches ahead of time (usually 6-12 months in advance). We plan every detail of their launch (including what to say in emails, what bonuses to offer and when to offer them to maximize sales, when to go live and more). When you don’t schedule your launches in advance and you don’t plan them out in advance your launch date will creep up on you and your launch won’t be the success you hoped it would be. All the big internet marketers plan their launches a year or more in advance. They have their growth plans in place and they execute them. They have their launch plans in place and they follow them in order to maximize sales. You ought to do the same, yes?

The last mistake is not focusing on retention. We think that it’s easier to get new members than keeping our current members in our membership as long as possible. It’s actually easier and cheaper to keep your current members happy and getting results than it is to go out and add more members to your membership.

So how do you keep them happy so they stay longer and share their amazing results with their friends and colleagues (i.e. promote the goodness that is your expertise and membership)?

First we need to encourage them to consume the content. That may sound obvious but many will join your membership, log in a few times, consume a few things and then they don’t come back for a few months. When they don’t consume your content and get results they were after, they will leave the membership.

When they consume your content, implement it and get results they are going to want to go back for more to keep their momentum going. When their friends, family and colleagues see their results (whether physical results, emotional results, statistics, etc.) they will be asking them what they are doing differently! That’s when they rave about your membership and now you have a member for life who refers people to your membership and makes sales for you!

If churn is high in your membership it’s time to create a retention plan! This is a combination of onboarding strategies, content consumption strategies, gamification, accountability and implementation.

Those 3 mistakes again are:

  1. Not adding new people to your audiences
  2. Not having a launch plan scheduled and mapped out ahead of time
  3. Not having a retention plan to keep your members happy and getting results, month after month

I keep seeing membership owners make 1, 2 or all 3 of these mistakes and I knew I had to do something to help. I created a special event to help membership owners like you create an Audience Growth Plan, a Launch Plan and a Retention Plan.


What if you could create these 3 plans and resolve these 3 issues so you can fill your membership and keep members happy so you can lock in your recurring revenue?

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