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Questions Asked

Time: 0:53
Q1: Right now I’m finding many of my ebay seller groups are “burnt out”. Dealing with COVID and for my peeps, there are tons of issues right now, as USPS has huge shipping delays. Ideas to refresh members?

Time: 6:03
Q2: I’m doing a coffee chat on Thursday with my group. The one’s who made it last month are all in, they loved it! 

Seeking ideas on how I can engage the other 80% of members, who are not RSVP’ing to the event or engaging in posts about it please?

Time: 8:17
Q3: So ‘topics’ have disappeared from the side bar in my group. And when I posted a new thing today I couldn’t put it into a topic?! Here’s a screenshot of what came up when I clicked to put the post into a topic. Is this just a temporary glitch in FB? Or something else?

Time: 9:57
Q4: Is posting in a free group every day too much?

Time: 11:01
Q5: We have been posting weekly “Tuesday Tips” and “Freedom Fridays”, is it ok to use the same graphic each week for the different topics?

Time: 11:57
Q6: We’re not sure if a contest is an appropriate motivator for our group? What are some other ways that we can improve engagement in our free group for high achieving business entrepreneurs?

Time: 15:57
Q7: Why does Facebook not like event links?