A Quick Bio

HI! I’m Sandra De Freitas

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2005. 

I’m a business coach who specializes in launches and in using Facebook groups to build your audience, grow your group, and get its members engaged, warmed up, and ready to buy during your next launch!

I’ve had my hands in over 500 Facebook™ groups and have coached many to get from 5-figures to 6 or 7-figures selling their memberships and courses. 

In my past I was a well-known WordPress expert, an author, a paid Emcee, the Head Coach for a high end coaching program and a community manager for 6 Facebook groups that generated millions of dollars in sales!

New Here?

We offer a number of courses and consulting opportunities to help you grow, engage and monetize your group!


This mini course has everything you need to get your group launched!

Look over my shoulder as I create a group from scratch.

Already have a FB group? Maximize the group you already have, just by following along and implementing this FREE mini course.


Add 100+ new group members to your group before your next launch!

The “Grow your Group” workshop will show you how to fill your Facebook™ group with highly engaged, perfect prospects easily, ethically and without ads.


Struggling with engagement in your group?

In the “Engaged Groups Membership” you will learn how to increase engagement in your group by using the Strategies Sessions! Also, copy and paste the engaging posts we deliver each month into your group and have your group engage all month long.

Work with

Want to have Sandra in your corner 3x a week? Join Sandra’s mastermind.
Our mastermind is filled with entrepreneurs who are working on building their audiences, increasing their list size, building memberships and courses and launching successfully!

They often ask me to tell them what to do next and I give them their “to do” list or “checklist”.

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What’s Hot

Create your FaceBook group while looking over my shoulder.

Already have a FB group? Maximize the group you already have, just by following along and implementing this FREE mini course.

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